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 GSMBicol House Rules!!!

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GSMBicol House Rules!!! Empty
PostSubject: GSMBicol House Rules!!!   GSMBicol House Rules!!! I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 10, 2010 3:40 am

Quote :
1. Posting should be done in appropriate sections.

2. Respect is a must for all members. Attitude of racist, insulting other members, flaming or initiate fights will not be tolerated.

3. Do not spam the board with senseless post, use the point system to acknowledge the post.

4. Off topic post will be automatically deleted by the moderating team.

5. Respect to other Philippine based forum is MANDATORY.

6. Minimize bold colors in posting, just ensure it is readable even a fifth grader can read.

7. Posting of picture is allowed however it should be adjusted to minimal size not covering the whole forum.

8. Revival of old thread (3 mos. inactive) should be avoided likewise it will be closed by the moderating team.

9. Thread title should be done in the most understandable manner.

10. Disrespect to any forum staff will be dealt accordingly.

Best regards, enjoy the forum!

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GSMBicol House Rules!!!
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